Green Wiccan

Being “green” is supposed to be a big part of being Wiccan, but sometimes I’m not really sure what is enough. I recycle nearly all of my paper, cans and plastic. I also try to not use too much power or water, but I am not overly conservative. (I also have no desire to go off the gird. But I wouldn’t mind using solar panels or a hybird car.) We also donate items to the Amity instead of justing throwing them away. And I only use public transit.

On the negative side, I don’t recycle my kitchen waste, mostly because it is not practical in an apartment without a balcony. I use commercial cleaning products, and watch TV regularly. And we probably throw out about one and a half bags of garbage a week, give or take a little bit.

So, I’m not the “greenest” witch in the world, but at least I try. And at least I am aware of the consequences of my actions and inactions. I would like to make some changes, like using more green cleaning products. If I had a house, or the ability, I would probably line-dry my laundry and recycle my kitchen waste in a compost pile. I think, though, that being a green Wiccan is as much about actions as it is about your thoughts. And a Wiccan’s respect for nature should make them intimately aware of how they affect the environment.

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  1. Karin says:

    Everything we do affects our enviroment, the way we think, act or dont act. I think it´s importent to remember that if you care for the enviroment, the earth, you have to include people, not least of all yourself. You can´t spend all youre time recykling and using the RIGHT cleening products if it takes to much time from the people around you and if it makes life too hard. I know, I have done just that for almost 4 years. I grew almost all my own vegetables and went crazelly enviromental….and got burned out in the process.