What's Next? A Paper Mache Familar?

I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. Scrapbooking and Wicca have combined to bring you The Create-a-Grimoire(TM) system. Yes, apparently it has been trade marked.

Okay, maybe it isn’t so bad. I am overreacting a little bit, since I was planning on using a few scrapbooking techniques in my Book of Shadows. I think was has irked me is the shallow way it is presented. Simple stickers are given names like “Colours of Mabon” and “Family Trad Heritage Accents”, and papers are called “Love’s Magick” and “Path of the Alchemist”. The fancy names sort of cheapen it for me, since they are reminiscent of papers with mundane names that can be found in most craft stores.

A Book of Shadows is about a lot more than the papers and stickers that are put in it. It is about the information that you have carefully gathered and felt was important enough to save. I guess I’m lashing out because I see this as another way to make Wicca friendly and so very normal. Religions are about divine experiences, not scrapbooking.

Why yes, I am grouchy today? Why ever do you ask? 😛

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  1. sparrow says:

    It is a tacky idea, wish i had thought of it though! Kinda takes the whole point out of making a grimoire for me but i bet it will make money.