Serenity for All

I’ve just started reading Louise Huebner’s Witchcraft for All. It is an older book, written sometime in the 1970’s, I believe. The feminist feel of that time is clearly evident. For example, when writing about the Salem witch trials, Ms. Huebner says: “They were impostors who left Salem rich in history, and the real witches, if there were any, left that city long before history started. A witch is not an ugly old hag. A witch is a winner. No self-respecting, energetic, goodlooking witch would have been caught dead in Salem!”

That kind of makes me want to laugh, since it seems so silly and 70’s. But at the same time I find it sort of inspiring. I mean, it is nice to think that one is part of something that make them a “winner.”

Ms. Huebner also says that a witch must be intense, emotional, self-motivated and capable of obsession. She also says that witches go places and do things because they want to, not because they have to. Again, how very inspiring! Being a witch (and I would also like to add being Wiccan) means that you are your own person.

Now that I am slowing becoming part of the business world, I am finding myself more and more doing things because I think they should be done. I mean, here I am working away during lunch time… okay, I’m writing a blog entry, but I’ve got a bunch of things I’m in the middle of. ~quanta and I leave the office quite late many evenings, mostly, again, because I feel I need to get things done to please other people. Where has my desire to please myself gone? How do I balance the needs of work, of ~quanta, of my parents, of my studies, etc. against my need to stay sane? Shouldn’t I know how to do this since I am (hopefully) a spiritual person?

I really don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that right now I’m going to go get myself some lunch.