Witch School Worth the Money?

Several years ago I took some courses through Witch School. To say I was unimpressed is an understatement. Although I have had trouble articulating what it is that bothers me about Witch School and the Correllian tradition, someone else has explained it quite well: Nonfluffy Pagans – Why not WitchSchool? (Use the green arrows above the entry to read the next two parts of this essay.)

The author of this piece has many valid points. The tests for lessons are laughable easy, and the Correllians seem to becoming more and more commerical as the years go by.

I am a member of an online Wiccan group that teaches–Coven of the Far Flung Net. However, it is a great deal different than Witch School. For one thing, members of CFFN do meet face to face. For another, we are a very social group with several active mailing lists. It is important for us to know each other, to see pictures and learn about families. We aren’t part of CFFN just to learn about Wicca (some of us have a great deal of experience with Wicca, but are still in the early stages of CFFN training), we are part of CFFN because it is our family and our teaching coven.

The lessons for CFFN are also infinitely more advanced and deep then those found on Witch School. And, instead of simple multiple choice tests and the end of lessons, in CFFN you are expected to produce well thought out and well written answers to provided questions, which are commented on by teachers and your fellow students. While learning though Witch School can make you feel like you are in a vacuum, CFFN provides a very supportive community.


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  1. Satyia says:

    You have a wonderfull Blog.
    About witchschool , you are compleltely right. And About CFFN, I used to study there too, reached second circle than quit due to some intern issues but I have the greatest respect for Kaat and CUEW. It is most certainly one of the highest standart online covens available. Keep up the good work

  2. Satya says:

    BYTW I have added you to my Blogroll, if you like, you are welcome to add my blog http://wicca-sources.blogspot.com/

    Thanks and BB.
    P.S. I am checking on CFFN to see how they are doing in there 😉

  3. I have a friend who studies with this group as well. She speaks highly of the group and enjoys her time there. If I had more time myself, I would look into joining as well.