Happy Autumn!

Blessed Autumn Equinox! Fall is here, the leaves are turning, and the nights are now longer then the days.

Autumn Equinox/Mabon

In Wicca, this Sabbat similar to the secular Thanksgiving holidays (which is less then a month away in Canada, but about two months away in the United States). Wiccans take time to appreciate the foods that are being harvested, and to honour the Lord, the male divine, who has given up His life so that we might be able to harvest these items. (There is another myth cycle that gives this Sabbat a different meaning, but I do not follow the Holly and Oak king cycle.)

I have yet to perform my Autumn Equinox ritual. Last night I wasn’t feeling too well, and today we have company. Tomorrow, though, looks to be shaping up to be the perfect day.

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