I mentioned back in August that I had signed up for a meditation class.  I’m about a month and a half into the class now, and while I’m still not meditating every day, I am really benefiting from the meditation I am doing.

Sitting for meditation is very difficult for me.  My daily to-do list, which is full of things that are only marginally important, runs through my head whenever I try to sit.  So, I tell myself that I will do the vacuuming, or write that email, or take care of that project for work, or do just a few more stitches before I stop–and the next thing I know it is time for me to head off to bed.  Sure, I could meditate in the morning, but I’ve discovered that that isn’t the optimal time for me (I start to drift back off to sleep…). 

To help me with this minor(!) problem, my meditation teacher has suggested that I add meditation to my daily schedule.  She says that it should be added to my to-do list or what-have-you so that I don’t neglect it.  I agree with her.  I need to see it more as something that must be done daily rather then something that it nice to do occasionally.  The benefits for me have been great, even though my practice has been spotty.  I can only imagine how much better they will be once I get used to doing my practice regularly.

You can read more about my meditation teacher, her methods, and her classes here: Look Again

Meditation books I have read or am reading include:

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  1. hi there
    Very interesting blog site…I am a writer too, copywriter in SA, but I haven’t had much time for onlion ..on-line blogging. Did meditation-Buddhist style and use aromatic incense…
    that helps change one’s mind-state.