Is Magic Real?

I just recently finished a CFFN lesson on magic where I wrote about how I thought magic works and also about how I saw the Wiccan perception of magic change through the years. (You can read a version of these two essays here: Why Magic Works and Changing Views of Magic.

In response to my essays, a fellow student said that she felt Wiccan religion could not be separated from magic, even if that is the way the trend seems to be going. (Heavy paraphrasing here.) I said that I felt that magic is now more associated with spells and less associated with rituals. To the majority of Wiccans Circle casting and interaction with the divine is magic, but to the lay person it probably isn’t. That’s why I say I don’t work magic–I don’t cast spells or perform any Ceremonial Magic. I do, however, perform religious rituals, which, to me, are magical.

So, is Wicca magical or not? Yes, I believe it is. Do I perform magic? Everyday of my life, even though I never cast spells. If you have the right outlook, being alive is magic, being in love is magic, and doing what you Will is magic.

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  1. shona says:

    Finally someone with meaning;i love this. For you are as deep as your heart is true.