James Randi: Skeptic Extraordinaire

Along the same lines of yesterday’s post is this video featuring James Randi, magician and skeptic extraordinaire. He as made it his life’s work to expose fraudulent “magical” practises. In the video below, he looks at how Uri Geller’s (psychic and Michael Jackson confidante) demonstrations can easily be duplicated by trickery. He also shows how Peter Popoff was able to know so much about the parishioners in his mega-church.

I suppose some of you might be wondering how I can still believe in the occult when there is evidence around, like I’ve shown the past couple of days, that points to many frauds and tricks. Well, to me, the occult and magic isn’t spoon bending and medical diagnostics. It is a way to discover one’s self, to live a spiritual life, and maybe even a path to the divine. What I see as the occult is much, much different then what TV psychics and telephone Tarot readers represent.1

1. An awful generalization, I know. I have run into a few genuine telephone Tarot readers who are good people, but you get the point I’m trying to make.