Writing of the Spirits

There are a couple of books that I am (sort of) currently reading that were at least in part channelled (either from a divine or semi-divine entity).  Since I am not completely sold on channelling, I am wrestling with how I should value these works.  If, in fact, they weren’t channelled at all (that is, the author consciously wrote the works themselves), are they worthless?  Or what if the works are more of a super- or sub-conscious channelling on the part of the author, rather than coming from another entity?  Without knowing the author personally, how are we to know?

I would like to believe that these works are channelled, but then that leads me to question why, say, a drunk and drug addicted Englishman was chosen or a housewife from the west coast of the United States.  Why not a world leader, a movie star, or someone else who would be able to pass on the channelled works to the entire world?  Or does this all go back to that horrible old occult idea that those who are meant to find the teaching will.  (I’ve always seen this as a huge cop-out.  It probably started when some want-to-be guru couldn’t gather up enough funds to some good publicity.)

What if the work contains something that really speaks to me on a spiritual level?  Does that automatically make the entire work vaild?  What if, though, there is something else in it that repels me?  Now is the entire thing invaild?  Or does everything just boil down to UPG?

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