Deities Within and Without

It has been about six months since I’ve added any new content to this site. I haven’t abandoned it. Not at all. The Lotus Pond is almost always in my thoughts. But I haven’t had much to say lately. My life has been full with my little two-year old son, with knitting and cross stitch, with work and family. And. somehow, my spiritual practice and Tarot have fallen to the side.

I almost said that it was my faith that had fallen away, but that isn’t true. Even though I may not been actively practising, my faith is always a part of me. It informs all of my decision. It is a part of me. And I feel it is time now to pay more attention too it. My little guy is more independent now, and I am starting to feel an empty spot that used to be filled by my spiritual practise. It is time to fill it.

With that in mind, I’ve added two new pieces to the site:

I have also decided to begin using this first page of The Pond as a blog as well as a place to post site updates.  I do have another blog, Reflections in the Pond, that used to be about my life and my spiritual journey.  However, over the past year or so it has become more about my crafting.  Since I have built up a small audience of readers there, many of which would not be the least bit interested in Wicca and Tarot, I have decided that this would be a good place to post those entries on esoteric subjects that don’t quite rate an entire essay but I still want to write.

To close off, I would like to leave you with a little prayer.  It is inspired by a prayer in Seasons of Your Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr.

O Lord and Lady, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful and joyful it is.