Health – You Don’t Notice Until It is Gone

My intention, back in March, really was to get this up and running as my spirituality/life blog. But, things have taken a back seat to real life lately. About mid-March I started to feel very run down. Not just a little tired from chasing after my little guy, but like I had no energy at all. This has gone on for over a month now, with some good days and some worse days. I have trouble sleeping, it is often difficult to concentrate, and every day really is just a struggle to push myself through it.

Some Internet research has thankfully ruled out all those biggie diseases that no one wants. Until I’m able to get an appointment with my doctor, who is currently on holiday until early next week, I’m doing my best to get by.

My plans right now focus on my family, of course. But I really want to get my obligation to work fulfilled. That needs to be taken care of so that I can move on to focusing on my health and well being. Most days it is a really struggle to get interested in work, but I do my best. I can’t relax knowing I have work things that need to be done.

I need to keep going, to push my self to do things when I would rather lay on the sofa. Baby Man needs a mama who is healthy and attentive, not a lump who needs to get some sleep. So, blog entries will come when they do, depending on my ability to pull myself together and write something interesting instead of something boring like this entry. 🙂