Taking Time for Reflections

Life moves pretty fast, as Ferris Bueller says. We do need to stop and look around once in awhile or it will pass us by. Even though I am lucky enough to have a very flexible job that allows for me to work from home whenever I have time, and a husband that also works from home, I often find that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish much of anything.

Take my kitchen for example. We moved to our current home a little over three years ago, early in my pregnancy when I was still very ill. My mom was kind enough to unpack my kitchen, but I have never gotten around to setting it up correctly and it gets more disorganized everyday.

But, I suppose when you have a young child there are more important things to worry about than where the meat thermometer is stored. “The days are long but the years are short,” goes the saying.

I try to remember this when Baby Man wants me to get down on the floor to play cars with him, or when he wants to watch the same movie for the eleventy-billionth time. One day, not to far in the future, he will only want to play with his friends and I will have lots of time to tidy out those kitchen drawers.

I think it is wise for me to take some quiet time at the end of the day, like the beautiful summer night I’m enjoying right now, to savory the day and everything about it. The good and bad, the giggles and crying; all of it is because of Baby Man and our great love for him.