Summer turning into Fall

We have reached the end of August, and it very clear here that the seasons are getting ready to change. We may be having extremely hot and humid days, but the nights are cooler and there is a hint of fall in the wind.

There are some early signs of fall to be seen on the trees and bushes. Berries have already started growing:

The maple trees are full of keys:

And there is even a hint of two of fall colours to be seen if you look hard enough:

In a about a week the sumac will turn that lovely fiery red. Soon after that it will be time to bring out the long pants, and I’m sure that in less than two months, I’ll be wishing that we had the heat turned on. In the midst of the summer heat, or the winter cold, it can feel like everything is standing still, but if you look around at nature and really pay attention, the next season is already making itself read.