November is a lot of things: Movember (which I can’t participate in for obvious reasons, and the husband can only grow a creepy Asian guy moustache that is likely to get him put on a sexual offenders list), NaNoWriMo (which I can’t participate in as I have a 3 1/2 year old child at home who demands feeding and bathing, and there are all those Christmas gifts I need to make still…), and NaBloPoMo. And since NaBloPoMo only requires a short blog entry every day (prompts provided if needed), I can manage that.

Except, well, I didn’t find out about it until November 2nd. So, I’ve actually backdated this post. Yeah, that is kinda cheating. But! I did post on my other blog, Reflections in the Pond, yesterday, so I figure I’m still good. Will I be able to post on both blogs every day this month? Doubtful, but I will try.

So, the prompt for November 1st is: What is your favourite part about writing?

My favourite part about writing is getting the thoughts out of my head and on to paper/the computer screen. Sometimes there are just too many of them bouncing around inside for me to be able to sort them out. When I get them on the screen, I can figure out what I believe, or what I know, or what I want to know.

My second favourite thing about writing is sharing knowledge or ideas with other people. And it is always fantastic when a conversation is started, and all the participants learn something.

And my third favourite thing about writing is entertaining, although I think I need to work some more on that. I think I’m funny, but it doesn’t come across in my writing.


If you are interested in taking part in NaBloPoMo, head over here to sign up.

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  1. Christine says:

    I couldn’t write a story/novel if my life depended on it. And if I was forced to attempt it, I’d hate every minute of it.

    So, I’m trying to do NaBloPoMo again.