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Tarot and the Beauty Contest

I live in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most culturally diverse city. One would guess, since the population is so varied, that this would be a very tolerant city. I would say it is. However, in turns out that it isn’t as tolerant as I thought. Ms. Stephanie Conover, winner of the Miss Canada Plus Pageant, […]

Tarot Empresses

In Tarot the archetypal Mother card is the Empress. She is nearly always represented as a heavily pregnant woman reclining in a fertile field. She represents fertility, marriage, motherhood, and creativity. She is the embodiment of what it means to be a mother. Now that I am a mother, I find myself reexamining the meaning […]

Used Tarot Decks – Yea or Nay?

There are many myths that surround the use of the Tarot. Some of the most common include: Your first deck must be given to you as a gift–if this were true, I’d never have started reading Tarot Your deck must be wrapped in black silk to keep out any “bad vibes”–I’ve never done this, although […]

Too Many Tarot Decks

When I first discovered the Tarot it seemed like a mysterious tool just waiting to have its secrets unlocked by me, a slightly nerdy young teenage girl with a passion for video games. Truly, I knew that the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians were locked in those cards just waiting for me. Never mind, of […]

Extra Major Arcana Cards

I have to admit that I am, generally, from the school of thought that believes a Tarot deck should only have 78 cards. In cases where there are extra Major Arcana cards, like the Daughters of the Moon (extra Lovers and Pan) or the Osho Zen (the Master), I remove them from the deck. I […]

Reading for Others

About a month ago, I began offering free Tarot readings through my website. About two weeks after that, I started doing free readings for the Free Tarot Network. The questions I have received range from someone asked advice on how to handle a difficult situation in her life, to a woman wondering if her lover […]


Tarot Readings

I’ve been reading Tarot cards off and on since middle school. For the first little while I was more then happy to do readings for other people, but as I got older I got shyer, and now I never read for anyone other then myself with a few rare exceptions. So, I won’t read for […]


My Ideal Tarot Deck

As any Tarotist will tell you, the search for the perfect deck is endless. I’ve gone through over thirty different decks since I started reading Tarot over fourteen years ago. Some decks have stayed with me for a long time, while others were passed on almost as soon as I had bought them. It can […]

Strength to Hold the Reins

Going through my Tarot deck yesterday, I got to thinking about the change that occurs as we move from The Chariot (7) to Strength (8). It is like a point of no return; we have left our innocence behind for good. With the Chariot we first discover our dark, or shadow, side, but it is […]

Medieval Enchantment

I have been neglecting my Tarot studies almost completely over the past several months. One project that I was very excited about hasn’t progressed beyond the first page, and even that is still undone. Two weeks ago, though, I picked up the Medieval Enchantment Tarot (previously The Nigel Jackson Tarot) and it has rekindled my […]