Ancestral Spirituality?

Wicca is generally viewed as a Celtic-inspired faith. The names most Wiccans use for the Sabbats come from Celtic culture, as to some of the most common names used for the Lord and Lady. In actuality, Wicca has very little in common with the religious practices of the Celtic people. But this doesn’t stop people of Irish/Scottish/British ancestry from saying that they are drawn to Wicca because it reflects the ways of their ancestors.

I am of Scotch-Irish stock, and I am a practitioner of Wicca. However, my path isn’t that of Traditional Wicca, the path most heavily influenced by pseudo-Celtic elements. Instead, I consider myself an Eclectic Wiccan, which means I follow the general Wiccan framework but incorporate aspects of other paths. In my case, I don’t focus on Celtic, or even Greek/Roman divinities (the next most common influence on Wicca), instead I am drawn to the goddesses and gods of Ancient Egypt. I wonder why sometimes, since They are obviously very far removed from my ancestry. (I harbour no illusions about being a priestess of Isis in a past life.) Sometimes I even feel a little guilty, like I should be honouring the divinities my ancestors likely honoured as a way of respecting family history. Of course, there is really no way to know how my ancestors may have worshiped beyond the past few generations. It will always be speculation.

Rather than trying to be true to a family past that may not even exist, I think that it makes more sense to be true to a spiritual calling that I experience every day. Family, ancestry, and traditions are important, but so it personal spiritual satisfaction.

Entry inspired by Witches’ Weekly.