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Cross on the Hill

My grandfather was a very religious man.  He became an elder at the church we attended, and lived his faith until he died of MS at the age of 69.  He did a lot of things in his life, like raising three daughters and laying communications lines during WWII.  I think , though, he was […]

Bible Belt Paradox Debate

There is an interesting conversation going on across a couple of blogs right now. PJ at PJ’s Big Adventure post an entry about how corrupt the Bible Belt states in the U.S. seem to be. (Wikipedia entry about the Bible Belt for those who don’t know much about it.) PJ muses that this paradox might […]

Aspiring to Hermithood

I am seriously thinking about never leaving the house again! It seems to me that people are getting ruder. If I want to be treated poorly or ignored, I can stay home and be abused by my cat. I’m beginning to think that all the rudeness comes from a sense of entitlement. People cut into […]

The Effect of Violence

If the result of seeing a film in which there is a lot of violence is that the viewer’s compassion is aroused, then perhaps that depiction of violence would be justified. But if the accumulation of violent images leads to indifference, than I think it is not. His Holiness The Dalai Lama Ethics for the […]