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Looking Back on 2010 Resolutions

When I first sat down to write this entry, I was going to write about how I didn’t make any resolutions for 2010. And then I remembered that I did set some goals over on my needlework blog, Reflections in the Pond. So, I went to take a look, and lo and behold, I did […]

Winding Down the Year

With less than three weeks left in 2010, I feel like looking back and what I’ve accomplished and thinking about what I’d still like to do. 2010 started out pretty poorly, really. Baby Man threw up all over himself and me on our way to a family get together. That kicked off a year of […]

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Too Many Tarot Decks

When I first discovered the Tarot it seemed like a mysterious tool just waiting to have its secrets unlocked by me, a slightly nerdy young teenage girl with a passion for video games. Truly, I knew that the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians were locked in those cards just waiting for me. Never mind, of […]


I mentioned back in August that I had signed up for a meditation class.  I’m about a month and a half into the class now, and while I’m still not meditating every day, I am really benefiting from the meditation I am doing. Sitting for meditation is very difficult for me.  My daily to-do list, which […]

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