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Wandering from the Path

Somehow over the past year this has changed from a blog about my life and my spiritual pursuits to a blog about my knitting, cross stitch and crochet.  See, the sad thing is I’m not sure I have much in the way of spiritual pursuits any more.  Between watching/changing/playing with/teaching animal sounds to Baby Man, […]


Spirit Free of Religion

The Seeker’s Guide by Elizabeth Lesser is one of the myriad of books that I am currently reading.  I read it several years ago when I lived in a different city and was a different person.  Now that I am married and have a young child, I’m finding that other parts of the book make […]

Man, Myth or Pretty Cool Guy?

With the Easter holiday finishing up in most of the Christian world, I decided to ask my family members a couple of questions this weekend.  A bit of background first, though.  I was raised Christian by parents who are believers but not strong church goers.  My maternal grandfather, on the other hand, was a very […]

Does Bad History Make it Worthless?

I have written in the past about my concerns about channelled books and about information passed on by those who have left the path, but now I’m wondering about those works which clearly contain “bad history” and other things that are widely known to have been disproved.  Examples that come to mind here are Margaret […]

Loss of Faith

Over the years that I have been aware of the greater Pagan community, I have seen some relatively well known spokespeople step away from Paganism and declare that their beliefs now lie in another direction.  Some do this vocally, and insult Paganism on their way out the door, others do it quietly, making us wonder […]